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Your AI Copilot for Operational Intelligence

Business Operations Observability made simple.
Observability that moves the bottom line: GraySwan’s powerful AI shows you where your operations are leaving money on the table. You don't know what you don’t know - GraySwan shows you what you're missing.
Let your data speak for itself: Just point GraySwan at your logs and let the AI discover meaningful data and powerful insights. No configuration. No code. No complicated queries.
GraySwan is a fully managed observability suite for your business operations data. Simple to set up and simple to use.
The AI wingman your operation needs: GraySwan shows your operators what they are missing right now so they can capitalize on opportunities and navigate around costly mistakes.
Not Black Swans. Not White Swans. Gray Swans.
Most observability products are geared to find big, but rare, black swan events. The proverbial "the website is down" moment.
But gray swan events happen all the time; every day, all over the organization. And each one costs you a little bit of revenue. Every event is revenue you didn’t make. Undetected, and unresolved, they add up fast.


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